Success Story: Craig & Robyn Success Story: Craig & Robyn“Craig was scrolling through the profiles on one night and sometime after midnight, he started looking at out of state profiles, as there was no one online at the time in his area.

While scrolling through, Craig came across my dating profile showing a close-up picture of my face. He immediately liked the photo as he is into photography. Craig decided to leave a comment for me regarding the photo thinking I lived in the state of Kansas (not realizing I lived in a small town called Kansas in Ohio). Craig left the comment and continued back to in-state profiles when I messaged him back about the comment. We decided to chat at 2:30am! We chatted until 7:00am that morning!

We spent three weeks chatting online and then on the phone until we made plans for me to vacation at Craig’s home in northern Michigan. We now are planning to live up there and get married soon. All this because of an “accidental” change over to out of state profiles, which Craig never looked at. It was fate and we are grateful.

Thanks to your site, we both are the happiest we’ve ever been in our lives. We both were previously married and we have found our soul mates. Thank you!”


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