Men Love Vegetarians, Women Don’t Feel the Same

 “Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.” — Alan D. Wolfelt

Believe or not, what you put in your mouth says a lot about you, or rather, who will date you . After analyzing 2.4 million interactions on, we discovered just how much your dietary preferences affect your dating life. And it turns out vegetarians rule the dating food chain.

How Eating Habits Affect Your Dating Life

When it comes to online dating, men most prefer vegetarians or vegans, followed by those that identify as “healthy eaters”. At the bottom of the list were carnivores, being contacted 11% less often than their herbivorian friends. Not ready to give up meat? Leave the‘diet’ field blank. Women that choose not to answer are also contacted 11% more than meat eaters.

Study: Men Love Vegetarians, Women Don't Feel the Same

“A woman who is a vegetarian or vegan is indicative of someone who lives a healthy lifestyle, consumes fewer calories, and is therefore slimmer,” says relationship expert Laurel House.

But for women, it is the opposite. They prefer anyone BUT a vegetarian or vegan, messaging them 13% less often than meat eaters. At the top of their list is someone who likes “meat and potatoes” followed by “healthy eaters.”

The United States of Healthy Eating

Your location also affects how healthy you might be. We found that the coasts have some of the healthiest eaters in the country with California and New York topping the list.  Nearly 50% of singles in those two states say they eat healthily.

States With the Healthiest Singles

The states with the lowest percentage of healthy singles were Montana with 30%, West Virginia with 30%, and North Dakota with 28%. So if you find yourself on a date with someone from these states, locate the nearest steakhouse!

On a local level, New York City and Los Angeles again topped the list of healthiest cities, followed by Atlanta, San Diego and Brooklyn.

The unhealthiest? Indianapolis. Unsurprisingly, according to the USDA, the city has the highest percentage of adult smokers, too!

Map of Heathiest and Unhealthiest Cities

Other Factors

Ethnicity, religion, income, and education also play a role in healthy eating. The health and cost benefits of being a vegetarian or vegan have been debated for quite some time and while we can’t prove either of those with our dating data, the stats did show that 22% of vegetarians and 54% of healthy eaters made over $80,000. Talk about green!

Vegetarians/vegans on also were more likely to have a Ph.D and children than other dietary types. And they were 800% more likely to practice Hinduism than Judaism, Christianity, Catholicism and others. Christians were most likely to be meat eaters.

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