Does Money Add to Attraction Online? It May, In Australia

Online dating data reveals top Australian cities where gold diggers are looking to cash in

In a country filled with Mining Industry Millionaires, the term “Gold Digger” has special meaning.

While those figurative gold diggers are all over the world, in Adelaide, Perth and Townsville, women seek someone who is “cashed up,” in addition to “tall, dark and handsome.” Women in those three cities are 25 per cent more likely to contact a man based on his reported income than the average Australian woman according to our latest online dating data. We examined nearly 300,000 interactions between members online to determine the top Australian cities where singles are more likely to contact other singles who report an annual income of $80,000 or more.

The data found that men are also likely to contact a potential date based on money, but women in Australia have the highest rate of contact when a man lists his salary as over $80,000. In the land of sugar babes, does an entry-level worker stand a shot?

infographic about gold diggers online in Australia

Unlike in the United Kingdom, where our finding show that men should omit their salary for fear of offending potential dates, in Australia, daters should be proud of their salary and post it, that is, if they are loaded.

Women are 142% more likely to contact a man who makes over $150,000, than a man who makes under $20,000 and men are 31% more likely to contact women that make over $150,000 compared to women who make under $20,000 annually.

Even a moderate salary garners “yesses” from members: Women are 58% more likely to contact a man if he reports $80,000 or more versus any other lower salary. Men, however, seem to be holding out for six-figure “sugar mommies” as they are only 15% more likely to contact a woman if she makes $80,000 or more versus any other lower salary.

Why mine for your own gold when you can dig on someone else’s?

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