Android Online Daters Are Promiscuous Redheads, iOS Daters Are Rich Alcoholics

mobile phone dating iPhone and Android have been at war since the beginning of time (or at least since smartphones were created). The battle rages on, even in the world of online dating.

We here at have previously seen that ethnicity, income, and even height play a major role in the success singles find online; as popularity for dating apps has grown, more and more people are looking for love on the go. We wondered if a person’s mobile device could also have a significant effect. Turns out, it does.

We put the tech industry’s fiercest competitors — Apple, with its iconic iPhone, and Google, with its Android operating system — head to head to in an epic battle. Which mobile brand’s singles are the most desirable?

The answer: Apple.

With 2.4 million mobile downloads of the app in the United States, we were able to examine nearly 20 million interactions between our users and discovered that iOS users reigned supreme as they were contacted 17% more often than Android users — meaning they are the most desirable mobile daters. However, Android users were the most promiscuous daters as they were 12% more likely than iOS users to contact someone on

Dating Demographic Trends in Smartphone Ownership

Why is it the case that Android users are more indiscriminate and iOS users are more desirable? Since online daters can’t see what phone another user has, the answer, we found, lies in what kind of person has an Android or iPhone device.

While both groups — iOS and Android — skew male on (73/27 and 67/33 respectively), Android users tend to be slightly older, with 42% ages 45-60 (compared to 29% of iOS users). Sixty-seven percent of iOS users were under 45.

The biggest demographic indicator was household income. Android users were 30% more likely to make under $60,000 than their iOS counterparts. iOS users were much more affluent with 83% of singles making over $150,000 owning an iOS device.

Education-wise, iOS users were twice as likely to have a Master’s degree and 55% more likely to have a Bachelor’s degree. Only 28% of Android users had a university degree and 72% had not completed college.

iOS daters also drank, did drugs, and exercised more often while Android daters were 33% more likely to have children and 20% more likely to be divorced.

More findings below:

iOS vs. Android: Smartphone Dating Habits

What’s Your Brand?

The mobile device singles use also greatly affected their online behavior. The most prolific Android users used a Samsung Galaxy S3 to do their online dating, closely followed by its newer version, the S4.

On the Apple side, iPhone 4 users logged into the app four times more frequently and spent 26% more time online as iPhone 5 users. Additionally, iPhone 4 users with AT&T and T-Mobile spend more time online that users with Sprint and Verizon.

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