10 Ways to Get a Date on FirstMet.com

woman and man on first dateOnline dating is hard enough—so we’ve done some of the grunt work for you.

Here’s the deal: FirstMet.com has analyzed data from our community of 25 million Facebook-connected singles to get you as prepared as possible to send that first message. With our 10 tips below, you’ll gain insight into the data behind online dating and how interests and friends in common might make all the difference in securing a first date:

1. Men, don’t rule out older women: Data shows that women are 3 times more likely to respond online to younger men than men are to younger women.

2. Women, don’t be afraid to reach out to the men! If you express interest in 10 guys, there is a 75% chance at least one of them will be reciprocate. So start reaching out!

3. Men: start using your friends more often when searching potential matches; women are 71 percent more likely to respond to you when there is a friend in common.

4. Make sure to write a detailed “About Me” description in your online dating profile because data shows that women are 16 percent more likely to respond to a man who has one.

5. The opening line that consistently gets the highest response rate from both men and women is, “Where are you from originally?”

6. For men who love a funny woman, note that women who like stand-up comedy are most interested in meeting a man with similar interests.

7. Ladies, impress him with your sports knowledge; the top athletes trending with guys in the past year have been Michael Phelps, Ray Lewis & John Cena.

8. A leading topic that results in making connections on FirstMet.com is sports. This is especially true for the cities of: Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Indianapolis, New York and Las Vegas. For those living in or around these areas, a good conversation starter could be about your favorite sport and team.

9. For those adults feeling left out of the Tinder talk, you’re in luck because 67 percent of FirstMet.com’s members are 35+ years old.

10. For the music lover, classical rock and country are the two most popular genres to bond over on FirstMet.com. Other related areas of common interest that follow pertain to passions for outdoors activities and Christianity.

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